These Small Ads from Sony Highlight the Precision of 4K TV Technology

 - Nov 24, 2014
While a lot of advertisers seem to think that bigger is better, these small ads from Sony's 'Microtising' campaign show that this isn't always true. In order to show off the impressive color and detail that comes with its 4K TV technology, Sony partnered up with footballer Olivier Giroud to focus in on details that often go overlooked during a sporting event. The campaign involves branding objects with the Sony and 4K logo, including things like single blades of grass and the underside of football cleats.

By zooming in on the kind of detail that you an expect to get from Sony's 4K TV technology, this is a clever way to simulate the kind of clarity that you can expect from watching a game of football on one Sony's 4K Ultra HD TVs.