From Supernatural Spirit Branding to Haunting Vino Packaging

 - Aug 8, 2013
Marketers have been extremely creative with their alcohol packaging and these dark booze branding examples are a reflection of that. By turning to dark or supernatural themes, marketers have been able to differentiate their alcoholic brands effectively. This list is composed of examples of booze branding that leverage morbid and dark motifs.

Adding a supernatural element to alcohol packaging has become increasingly prevalent. Designs like Dracula-inspired wines and fallen angel alcohol packaging add an occult flair to attract consumers.

Other marketers have added morbid themes to their beverages. Bulging eye beverage branding and other similar designs use dismembered body parts to shock and grab the attention of consumers. Other branding examples like blooming skull booze packaging and skeleton-branded booze also incorporate symbols of the dead to increase sales.