From Agriculture-Inspired Houseware to Bifocal Gadget Props

 - May 25, 2012
These contemporary Nendo creations offer the perfect examples as to why Toronto-born and Milan-based industrial designer Oki Sato is considered one of the more visionary creators of his generation. Through his design studio, Sato adheres strictly to his contemporary style, producing products that are fresh, minimalist and intuitive.

From the Inhale Lamp to Karabiner USB sticks designed in collaboration with Elecom, these contemporary Nendo creations are beautiful to behold and often very functional to have on hand. Although the aesthetic is more often modern than futuristic, there is a foresight to each design that does not limit it to the year or even the decade that it was made in. Instead, these contemporary Nendo creations have a timeless quality that would suit many personalities and homes.