From Cute Nudist Branding to Whisky-Infused Syrups

 - Dec 13, 2011
These clever condiment packages are almost as exotic and sassy as the spices they contain. As seasoning and sauces become more adventurous so does the packaging they come housed in. From blister packed spices to tool-inspired dispensers, these clever condiment packages are a playful addition to any pantry.

For connoisseurs of spice there is an ample amount of hot sauces currently available. Bearing names like zombie hot sauce housed in medicinal-looking bottles, these hot sauces should be approached with a good deal of caution. The ever-expanding market of innovative sandwich spreads will keep you from yawning at the same PB&J everyday and a wide variety of sauces will kick your usual stir-fry into high gear. These alluring condiment packages make it hard to resist the new and exciting taste odysseys they hold.

Sassy, suggestive and spicy, these clever condiment packages and their respective seasoners are sure to awaken your senses.