Empire Mayonnaise Elevates Condiments to Classy Snacks

 - Apr 22, 2011
References: empiremayo & belowtheclouds
Despite the significant role that mayo plays within any sandwich, the spreadable has never been taken seriously until the beginnings of Empire Mayonnaise. The small company offers an unexpected range of luxury bread toppers that make a mundane edible into a gourmet embellishment.

Chef Sam Mason is the brains behind the exotic flavors of the once-bland white paste, and is proud to serve up savory sun-dried tomato, smoked paprika, pistachio and black garlic, and goes goes as far as to include ingredients like emu eggs in his recipes that separate his product from the usual emulsion of yolk, vinegar and oil.

The product packaging is taken care of by Elizabeth Valleau, who is responsible for making Empire Mayonnaise look as deliciously deluxe the outside as it is within.