From Chocolate Pork Pastries to Designer Chocolate Suites

 - Sep 30, 2011
Anything and everything covered in chocolate is a trip to heaven and this lip-smacking chocolate confections gallery just had me drooling all over my desk. From chocolate-covered liquor bottles to chocolate pork pastries, everything simply melted my heart.

They say chocolate mends a broken heart but it definitely gets the heart racing. This chocolate-filled gallery will take you to the heavenly world where everything is covered in chocolates. Even fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld switched tactics and designed an enormous hotel in Paris that is made of 10 tons of Belgium chocolate. Ooh... the very sound of that has got my heart fluttering like a butterfly.

From chocolate-covered couches to trashy chocolate couture, everything attracts the sweet-toothed consumer market. It is not only deliciously mouthwatering but will satisfy those chocolate-craved consumers. Your taste buds won’t even know what hit them.