From Wild Cat Jewelry to Sumptuous Stripped Timepieces

 - Jan 24, 2012
Marilyn Monroe once shamelessly claimed that "diamonds are a girls best friend," and it's almost accurate to say that some would trade in their closest confidante for one of the beautifully blinged-out Cartier creations.

The French jewelry and watch brand was founded way back in 1804 by Louis-Francois Cartier, and the company continues to be known as the ultimate accessory-maker to the elite and a celeb staple. Whether it's making pocket watches look modern enough to want to show off, or frosting supermodels to enhance editorials, the charitable and chic Cartier name has diamond-strength staying power.

Whether they are sumptuously wrapped around your wrist, decadently dangling from your earlobes, or luxuriously laced around your neck, each Cartier creation shines with coveted-brand brilliance.