$14,400 Cartier Trinity Ring with Diamonds & Stars is for Grown Up Children

 - Jun 23, 2009
References: harpersbazaar
Behold a ring to be obsessed with: the Cartier Trinity ring with diamonds. It’s also a ring that costs $14,400, an astounding amount considering it might, to the uninformed eye, look like something from a kiddie vending machine. But that assumption would be oh-so-wrong.

Not quite rock-heavy enough to be voted a killer engagement ring, the Cartier Trinity ring with diamonds does make the perfect wedding band to proclaim the romance of (very affluent) star-crossed lovers.

"Released in 1924, this iconic collection boasts three colors of 18-karat gold that symbolize the different stages of a relationship: white for friendship, rose for love, and yellow for fidelity," Harpers Bazaar says of the original Cartier Trinity ring.

Those with an extra $14,400 might also just like the Cartier Trinity ring with diamonds as an every day ring as its star-encased diamonds reveal a playful, dare I say, casual, side.

The collection featuring the dazzling Cartier Trinity ring with diamonds was showcased during the Fall 2009 fashion week show for Phillip Lim. Now the bands are being flashed in front of diamond-thirsty eyes in advertisements featuring gigantic golden fingerprints.

Thanks to Ashley King for the stardust fingerprint shot.