Emiko Oyo Specializes in Fashioning Bracelets and Earpieces out of LEGO

 - Oct 17, 2011
References: rewarestyle & io9
While some call it Nickelodeon chic and others refer to it as playground flair, I like to describe Emiko Oyo's style of re-purposing old toys into attention-grabbing jewellery as brilliant.

For logistical purposes, the jeweler and DIY expert doesn't exclusively use LEGO pieces, but they are typically the centerpiece of each item. From dark, plastic bracelets to necklaces adorned with classic LEGO figures, Emiko Oyo has sincerely re-imagined the universally-loved toy franchise. Heck, she's even managed to fabricate a picture-perfect replica of a Cartier neck piece entirely out of LEGO! The playful sense in each colorful item is abundant, and begs to be worn proudly by an unabashed fan. But Emiko isn't confined to producing LEGO-centric apparel; the designer has experimented with rare, found materials like circuit boards and computer parts.