- Dec 17, 2011
The year of 2012 is about to end, so what better way to celebrate this occasion than to revisit some of the most candid calendars released throughout the years. Calendars remind people of important dates, holidays, moon phases, religious festivities and many more occasions. In addition to display dates, calendars are usually designed according to themes in order to make them more fun and entertaining.

The most popular calendars are usually adorned with photos of landscapes, models, celebrities and animals. During Christmas, advent calendars are a fun way to get exited about the holiday countdown. Also, for companies, these date keepers are a great marketing tool, as enterprises can promote a different product every month.

Whether this year was total success for you or a complete nightmare, check out these candid calendars to remind yourself of how fast time passes.

From Camera Lens Calendars to Virtual Vixen Christmas Countdowns: