Esquire Magazine's Obama Cover Opens To Show Ads

 - Jan 29, 2009
References: coverawards
The February issue of Esquire has a panel in the middle of President Obama’s face which opens like an Xmas Advent calendar, inside you will see an ad for the Discovery Channel with quotations from the issue’s articles.

You can’t read, watch, or listen to any media outlet without having President Obama mentioned. Merchandise marketing initiatives began well before Prescient Obama officially became president of the United States last week, and are becoming stronger week after week. Posters, dolls, paper dolls, t-shirts, and yes, even action figures representing President Obama have become hot sellers.

In my personal opinion, appearing in a collectible issue of Spider-Man and having your own action figure is very flattering, especially when you compare what you find to former President Bush products.

If you are a collector or just curious, just Google "Obama Toys" and you will find an endless list to view and maybe purchase. Enjoy!