From Delicate Dolly Dress-ups to Pop Culture Cut Out Dolls

 - Jan 4, 2012
These playful paper dolls pay tribute to everything from political figures to cult classics.

Not just a toy for pint-sized budding fashionistas anymore, these cut-out flat figurines are for those who have a taste for satire and novelty. The perfect addition to any young-at-heart adult's collection, these two-dimensional playthings are a riot.

Celebrate your love for the short-lived sitcom Arrested Development by getting your hands on a set of playful paper dolls based on the show's characters. Or opt for a set modeled after yourself for the ultimate narcissistic indulgence. No matter what set you choose, you're liable to get hours of entertainment from these flat friends, just make sure you steer clear of open flames.

Indulge the child within and pick up anyone of these fetching and hilarious playful paper dolls.