Custom Danish Christmas Packages For Adults

 - Dec 20, 2008
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If you live in Denmark, the whole month of December is one big celebration. Every day when you wake up, you jump out of bed to open up your Christmas calendar, which either your mum and dad, partner or friend have custom-made for you.

I like the way it is not only the children who enjoy the pleasures of treats, there are also many adult versions, like the first one in the gallery above. It's a grown-up take on the calendar with naughty images unraveling as each window counting the days up till Christmas is opened.

So there are chocolate calendars, stocking calendars, present calendars (which are definitely the best) and even a special mother’s calendar with sexy hunks… I wonder what is inside their package..?!

When I was a child, my mother and grandmother always prepared a gift calendar which would be the most exciting thing to be presented with on the first of December. And you always saved the biggest present for the 24th. What a merry Christmas it was.

There are even special December TV show calendars both for children and adults. The one featured is a spooky satire were Santa's little helpers speak a funny mix of Danish and English called ‘The Julekalender’ (The Christmas Calendar).