- Aug 9, 2011
There are few things more exciting, raw, and natural than a good bohemian babe photoshoot. Many of these bohemian babe photoshoots feature stylishly unkempt models in various states of undress, displaying a devil-may-care attitude with a primary focus on fun.

In this collection of bohemian babe photoshoots, it's impossible to ignore the organic beauty of many of these models, as well as the candid nature of their editorials. These photoshoots exude an authentic aura that many photographers are trying to capture in their photography now, heavily influenced by photog's like Terry Richardson, Olivier Zahm, Richard Kern and Ryan McGinley.

So, sit back, relax, and dive head first into this stunning collection of bohemian babe shoots.

Implications - Thanks to the success of ad campaigns like Dove's "Campaign for real Women" there has been an increased emphasis placed on photoshoots that look less like high-fashion creations and more like candid shots amongst friends. These shoots connect consumers to a brand on an emotional level, with the consumers connecting with the brand's marketing that is more representative of them than marketing that uses models.

From Lowkey Kitchen Shoots to Beachside Oasis Ones: