Macushla Burke Captures Christina Dietze Alone on a Beach

 - Jun 25, 2011
References: & bentrovatoblog
Melbourne, Australia based model-cum-photographer Macushla Burke is a young shutterbug with an eye for capturing an understated sensuality that many photographers cannot. For her latest shoot, Macushla Burke takes Australian model Christina Dietze to the beach to capture the mood of a slow-paced, lonely day near the water.

The shoot features Dietze dressed in a series of loose fitting, boho-chic ensembles that do a great job of accentuating her thin body. Her outfits alternate between holed ponchos, a white button down, and sensual bikini bottoms and a fedora.

Macushla Burke does a fantastic job of letting the location and her model tell the stoory of the shoot, which has personal feelings attached to it. "This fashion story conjures up a lot of feelings for me," she told the Ben Trovato Blog. "As well as encompassing one of my favourite albums when I was growing up. It reminds me of broken hearts, teenage angst, rebellion, wandering aimlessly with beauty in solitude."

Macushla Burke does a great job of encompassing all of those themes in Dietze's booze-assisted beach jaunt.

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