- Jan 15, 2018
One of the biggest issues with online shopping is that it can be difficult to suss out how those digital products will look in real life. However, augmented shopping allows consumers to bypass that issue completely. Thanks to modern technological advancements, consumers can effectively see exactly what a given product will look like in their home or on their person using little more than a webcam or their smartphone camera.

AR, or augmented reality, uses advanced image-recognition to understand the contours of 3D space and place virtual objects in that environment through a screen or lens. By applying AR to shopping and e-commerce, consumers can eliminate any doubt that they might have about purchasing a product without being able to try it in person. Ultimately, sites that opt for augmented shopping help consumers in deciding what works for with their style, taste, and needs.

From VR Jewelry Mirrors to AR Plant-Previewing Apps: