- Aug 13, 2011
The concept of augmented reality may not be new, but it still seems to baffle the minds of the general public. In a sentence, AR occurs when one's perception of the "real" world is augmented by computer-generated images or data pulled from the Web.

Imagine arriving at an old monument during a vacation -- you pull out your iPhone and direct the camera at the ruinous statue, and you're instantly rewarded with pages of history about the effigy and its original subject. That's augmented reality, and in recent years, the technology has evolved in surprising new directions. Glasses that identify friends and strangers, digital childrens' books and virtual wardrobes are all products that we can expect to purchase in the coming months and years.

It must be noted, however, that most consumers maintain a level of caution when discussing augmented reality products and services. Admittedly, there's something eerie about being perpetually "plugged in," but personally, I welcome our robotic overlords. How about you?

From Fully Immersive Video Games to Perspective-Altering Glasses: