- Apr 28, 2019
The April 2019 unique product and activation round-up is quite eclectic. While the distinctive feature of the item can be tied to its one-of nature, the property can also be attributed to a bizarre concept. There are plenty of instances of the latter and with good reason. The moment when two seemingly unfitting aesthetics come together is the moment when consumers attention is directed at their interrelational dynamic.

Liam Hodges' lobster-inspired clothing collection is a great example of this. The designer takes an unexpected turn for his Spring/Summer 2019 and the result is a unique juxtaposition of styles that ultimately draws the consumer in with curiosity.

Naturally, the April 2019 unique product range also calls attention more sophisticated inventions, one of which is a restaurant that 3D prints sushi for consumers based on their biological samples.

From Vibrant Incredibly Detailed Origami to Whimsical Foam Furniture: