- Oct 16, 2013
Any fashionista looking to add some wild and flamboyant designs to their shoe collection is in luck, because these examples of animal-inspired footwear are sure to add some fierce touches to any ensemble.

Animals, especially those in the wild, are often known for their rambunctious and fierce demeanours, which is why incorporating the design of these animals onto pieces of footwear is a great way to showcase that one-of-a-kind animalistic appearance. Perfect for shoe fanatics interested in spicing up their wardrobe with something bold and over-the-top, these animal-inspired footwear designs are sure to make anyone's outfit pop with personality.

From shoes that feature flamboyant cheetah prints to those that resemble zebras and leopards, these examples of animal-inspired footwear will surely have any animal lover clamoring to add these to their collection.

From Savage Safari Sneakers to Animal Print Oxfords: