The 'Thumper' Irregular Choice Shoes Sport Unusual Heels

 - Aug 5, 2013
References: irregularchoice
These 'Irregular Choice' shoes certainly live up to the brand's name. The quirky 'Thumper' shoes use a rabbit for support in the place of its heel. Like the furry animal, these shoes are adorable -- but tiny, they are not. The perched bunny heels elevate its wearer to a towering 4" off of the ground.

To make these shoes even more unusual, Irregular Choice brings in another unlikely source of inspiration. The shoe's toe features an Eastern-inspired pattern and texture, sourcing from Russian folklore. This unlikely combination forms a unique heel that is like a wearable piece of art.

These stylish heels will have you hopping all over in a unique design no one else is likely to be sporting.