These Purple Adidas GLC Kicks are Fit for Urban Nobility

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: sneakernews
Shortly after sports and urban wear producer Adidas released its futuristic-looking 'Miami Lights' kicks, the company is back with its latest funky fashion design showcased in these marvels of purple cheetah-printed styles otherwise known as the Adidas GLC Street Royal shoes.

Unlike the steely, modern and conservative look of the Miami Lights, these Adidas GLC Street Royal kicks see Adidas leaving its visions of the future behind in order to return to Earth with these shoes that are fabulously accentuated with trendy prints and unforgettable colors.

Adidas is a brand known for meshing together vibrant hues with wild animal prints and if the Cheetah spots embedded in these shoes don't catch your eye right away, it will surely be the Street Royal's purple tongues that take your breath away.