Animal Patterns Adidas Originals Show Off the Brand's Wild Side

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: highsnobiety
These Animal Patterns Adidas Originals can make your feet look like a leopard, but unfortunately can't make you run as fast as a cheetah. This package of three different shoes is being released exclusively to ABC-Mart Japan for the Fall 2012 season. That means that people might have to really get their claws out in order to secure themselves a pair.

The Animal Patterns Adidas Originals come in a zebra print and two different tones of leopard print. Each shoe features the Adidas signature three-stripe embellishment and shell toe. These shoes are a creative version of a classic shoe, making them a suitable addition to any sneaker collection.

The Animal Patterns Adidas Originals will be released in September. No leopards or zebras were harmed in the making of these awesome shoes.