- Sep 13, 2008
While we ogle and admire celebrities for always managing to look stunning on the red carpet, we often don't consider it's more than the dress, hair and makeup that complete the look... there are a whole lot more sub rosa innovations we don't always hear about. Underwear, lingerie and other covert accessories play a huge role in an outfit's success, and that's the bottom line.

1. The Maidenform Backless Bra was a huge breakthrough in the lingerie world; the American Inventor innovation opened up a whole new level of comfort and range when it comes to fancy under-gown support.

2. "Are your girls having a bit of separation anxiety?" The question on the Pure Style Girlfriends packaging alone reflects the need for the Gather-The-Girls Silicone Adhesive Bra. On a night when you're trying to look super svelte, unruly boobs are not something you want to work on taming. Not only that, but they ensure maximum cleavage by pushing the girls in and up.

3. While Spanx have long been a favourite for keeping the hips and derriere smooth-surfaced and perky, the Seamless Firm Control Camisole 444 from TC Fine Shapewear is the modern woman's must-have for controlling belly bumps and yes, even compressing those hip-hugging muffin tops.

4. Alternately, if you're wearing a strapless gown, or want maximum coverage to tone tummy, hips, bum and thighs, there's the all-in-one TC Fine Just Enough Hi-Waist Shapewear Bike Pant With Gripper.

5. If your dress is a super sheer body hugger, you'll want to ensure your underwear is made of an equally smooth fabric to prevent drawing eyes down there. Provided you opt to wear skivvies in first place (nothing wrong with nixing them either) a sheer thong like the aptly named Commando Low Rise Thong from HerLook is your best bet! It's not really the sexiest option for post gala smooch sessions, but maybe that's not your priority.

6. Wearing a gown that just really, really doesn't jive well with a bra -- strapless or otherwise? If your ladies aren't too brimming, you can just smack on a pair of Sassybax Sassynips Reusable Nipple Concealers. The tiny nipple covers come with a travel case, always a handy accessory to have when traveling (a good take along for poolside lounging vacations in your skimpy too.)

And by the way, checking out wedding stores is the savvy girl's way of finding -- and trying on -- undergarments fit for any evening ensemble!

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