- Jan 29, 2008
References: myhip-t & shefinds
Ladies, how many times have you released your thong was poking out of your low rise jeans? Or that your tummy or lower back was suddenly getting a draft because those stupid designers couldn't create a shirt long enough to keep your kidneys warm? It's time you got a Hip-T.

They're cotton waist covers that help fix the bareness caused by too-short shirts or too-low cut jeans. They're basically half undershirts that look like lacy camisoles, yet don't leave the bulk under a tight sweater.

No boys, most of us DON'T show our thongs to get your attention; it's an actual fashion slip-up that can happen the most most unsleezy among us. Bending over to look at the cans on the bottom shelf at the grocery store; standing up to reach across the table to grab salt, or simply getting way into dance moves at the bar can all be causes for unintended exposure.