Customizable Sports Bra

 - Oct 20, 2007
References: shockabsorber
Whether they're big or small, massive knockers or mosquito bites, every woman knows their breasts can get in the way of a good workout, which is why women of all sizes can rejoice the invention of the shock absorbing bra. The bras are custom made so that they fit your unique shape, since no woman is the same.

In fact, most women don't even have perfect symmetry in their own pair, one often being larger than the other, if only be a minute amount. The custom fit sports bras ensure the best possible fit, to reduce the bounce factor while not cutting off blood flow or pinching skin.

Did you know that 73% of women don't wear a sports bra when exercising?

Shockabsorber i looking to change that. On the site, women can take a brief quiz to find out their support level needs based on cup size and activity level, then they're given a recommendation for the best support for their personal needs.