Sweet Cheeks Works Like A Bra To Boost Rear

 - Nov 15, 2007
References: ilovemilkandhoney.au & news.au
Australian designer Gill Milligan has just launched a jeans that fits the butt perfectly using the concept of bra sizing.

According to Mrs. Milligan, "It's the bra for your bum".

The retail world is bombarded with different styles and washes of jeans to choose from but it is still difficult to find the right jeans that really fit, especially on the rear area. Traditional jeans sizing is usually based on the women's waist measurement and leg length.

With the introduction of Milk & Honey's Sweet Cheeks Fit System, bum size and shape are the top considerations for a great jeans fit. The Australian label also uses exclusive European denim that uses relles on precision cut and tailoring.

The jeans is currently available in A-fit for the boyish figures with little tooshies and B-fit for the bootylicious figures. Sweet Cheeks caters to the size 6-14 for now but will soon venture out into larger sizes.

Milligan cites stars Cristina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez as those who should be wearing a B-fit as they have curvy backsides; Cameron Diaz will fall under the A-fit while Beyonce would be a C-fit.

These bottom-friendly jeans sell from $165-$185.