From Jennifer Aniston's Nose to the 30 Minute Boob Job

 - Sep 9, 2008
Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are the faces (and bodies) that plastic surgery wish lists are made of. Below is a slideshow of the top cosmetic surgery articles posted on Trend Hunter, highlighting our cultural obsession with artificial beauty. They include images of celebrity nose jobs, from Jennifer Aniston's resculptured nose to women in Lebanon who get government loans for liposuction.

We've heard of a 5-minute nose job, and a boob job that lets you flaunt your newly enhanced girlies after only 30 minutes.

We've also been introduced to cosmetic surgeons who make house and hotel calls to "fix" your beauty on the go.

This cluster highlights the cultural intrigue with beauty that can be bought, sometimes painfully, but always interestingly.