6 Peculiar Modern Surgeries

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: makemeheal & oddee
The cutting edge of plastic surgery is a strange and sometimes scary one. Americans are notoriously unhappy with their bodies and plastic surgeons everywhere are greatly profiting from it. With all of the altered-body parts already out there, it’s not hard to wonder what surgery trend is next and where exactly the future of plastic surgery will lead us.

If you thought butt-implants were ridiculous, you must see these six bizarre new surgical procedures... try not to cringe.

1.) Six-Pack Abs surgery – A 6-pack stomach is not so hard to achieve anymore thanks to the "six-pack" surgery innovation. Now, with just 2 hours and six-grand, washboard abs can "magically" appear on your beer belly.

2.) Voila- Virgin Again! – This "virgin again" surgery repairs the female’s hymen so that she can literally become a virgin again within minutes…Can you imagine Jenna Jameson a proclaimed re-virgin? It can be done to anyone, and is a surprisingly cheap surgery, costing somewhere between $100 and $2,000 bucks.

3.) Elf-Ear Surgery – Yes, some people actually WANT their ears to look like elf ears, and this surgical procedure can get them there.

4.) A Facelift for Fido – Pet owners can now provide their aging animal with the luxury of a facelift…but does he really care?

5.) Horn-Implants – Forget silicone breasts…now you can have HORN implants. Whether on top of your head or on your lower forehead these humps leave nothing to be desired…

6.) Trendy Tongue Surgery – Find yourself admiring the forked tongue of your pet snake? This hot new surgery trend is for you! Now you too can have a "snake" tongue, with just one snip.