Performs Plastic Surgery Without The Knife

 - Jun 2, 2007
References: mybodypart
Intrigued by the idea of cosmetic surgery, but too scared to visit your local surgeon? Curious, but not ready to change your appearance forever?

It’s time for you to click on over to where you can download free software that let’s you experiment with virtual surgery. The program will give you an idea how you could look if you had real plastic surgery.

Within minutes, the fun, user-friendly program gives you a painless idea of what results you could expect if you went under the knife.

Not sure if you prefer Claudia Schiffer’s nose or Jessica Alba’s? Would Angelina’s pouty lips be too dominant on your narrow face? Those who aren’t shy can upload their image into the virtual plastic surgery picture rating directory where they can quickly get feedback from others. For a little bit of fun, you can rate and comment on other people’s photographs as well.

Test everything from Botox and liposuction to breast augmentation or reduction. A face lift, a nose job, pin back those Dumbo ears… it’s all possible, and an easy, safe way to experiment before taking a stab at the real thing!