27 Print Media Killers

 - Jul 24, 2008
The print media industry is hurting, but as most magazines and newspapers struggle to survive, a select few are innovating to keep ahead.

Over the last few years, Trend Hunter Magazine, who has chosen to publish in an all digital format, has seen the closure of magazines like Business 2.0, expensive marketing campaigns like printing quadruple covers for a single magazine issue, and the move to offering entirely free issues by publications like Wired magazine.

The internet has become the predominant source of information for most people in the western world, making the content in newspapers and magazines stale and outdated. When September 11 happened, everyone knew long before the September 12 newspaper made it to their front door, thanks to broadcast media like TV and radio, and the large supplementation of citizen journalism on the web.

Another factor contributing to the fall of print is the unethical environmental havoc it wreaks due to the need to cut down trees.

Worse, advertisers have realized they get far more views on the internet, so many have abandoned the spaces they once occupied in magazines and newspapers all together.

How will print media publications continue to make money? Is there even a possibility of them surviving? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, here's a look at some of the print media innovations and news items posted on Trend Hunter.