'Missbehave' Has Attitude

 - Jul 12, 2008
References: joshspear
When is the last time you read and editor say, "Those guys can go f*ck themselves, because I'm the editor and they are not."? Thats how Mary H. K. Choi, the editor of Missbehave magazine, responded when offered some criticism by established popular magazines trying to reach the coveted 18-34 female demo.

"I love the intimacy of the first person, I love voyeurism and proximity and I love the malleable nature of language â€" the sheer velocity of word permutations and the convergence of all sorts of sub-cultures â€" that can now be clocked by new media," Choi said in an interview. "This is a really interesting and fascinating time and the rift in culture and language between people born a scant two years apart is just really captivating and worth exploring."

She has great pride and braggadocio to say that trend forecasters and the Pantone people who establish what will be cool call the magazine all the time to see what their ideas are. The magazine is offbeat and irreverent and sometimes funny.