Carrie or Charlotte? for Marie Claire

 - May 26, 2008
References: marieclaire & fadedyouthblog
Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis will star in a double cover face-off on the upcoming issue of Marie Claire UK. At least that's how the magazine is promoting the special issue, judging by the gimmicky announcement on both covers that says, "Choose from our 2 fabulous covers. Carrie or Charlotte? You decide."

The double cover comes amid incessant rumors that the four Sex and the City stars have been bickering and sniping at one another throughout the endless preparations, celebrations and adulations preceding the much-awaited theatrical release of the SATC movie.

Is the bickering and apparent discord the real reason for shooting the dual covers?

Here are some more magazines who have used the concept of more than one cover per issue: