22 Sex And The City Innovations To Get Pumped For The DVD

 - Oct 2, 2008
The Sex and the City DVD just came out this week and already it’s sold around a million copies, making it the fastest selling DVD of the year! (Not ever though: Titanic sold 2.3 million in its first week.)

Sex and the City hit theaters on May 30th, but there was nearly a year of buzz leading up to it. The world’s women were Sex and the City crazy… and I’ll admit, I felt it too. I even went on a Sex and the City movie tour in New York (although not the ultra luxury Sex and the City movie tour featured below). Right before the movie hit theatres, Trend Hunter even featured a Sex and the City prize pack!

The cluster below highlights all our favourite Sex and the City things, from stuff related to the movie to the most Carrie Bradshaw-worthy Jimmy Choos.