The Sex and the City Fantasy Tour

 - Apr 18, 2008
References: nydailynews
Destination on Location , a high-end travel company, is offering a Sex and the City Tour. Only a handful of women at a time get to visit the haunts and stomping ground of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, perhaps American TV's most famous single women.

The first stop is SoHo House which is an ultra-exclusive members-only club in downtown Manhattan, NYC. Scheduled for the next day is an exclusive shopping trip and cocktail party at Jimmy Choo, where characters from the hit HBO show often obsessed about shoes. The next day will start with brunch at Cafeteria on Seventh Ave., and the ladies will even get to sit at the same tables where Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall sipped coffee on the show. And for the finale, those who like artsy Charlotte will go gallery-hopping, while sex-starved Samantha admirers will head for Babeland, a sex-toy shop in SoHo.

Only eight to twelve women at a time get to go on this fantasy tour and a lady from Singapore was one of the first women to book a trip. Sex and the City was banned in that country because the authorities considered the show to be too racy. A trip to the May 27 premiere of the movie based on the famed series is included. The price of this tour is $24,000.