Sex & the City Movie Already an Influence

 - Jan 18, 2008
References: shefinds
The Sex and the City movie isn't even out yet, and already it's influencing fashion.

Remember Carrie's flower brooch? It's back, big time.

After Sarah Jessica Parker's character wore it on TV, faux flowers were appearing pinned out clothes, accessories, on shoes and in hair. Photos captured on the set revealed Carrie Bradshaw was reviving the flowers, and this time there was no messing around. She wore a gigantic flower pinned on the side of her dress.

"We're talking big, ridiculously-oversized blooms found in jungles on the Amazon or in thickets in Thailand," SheFinds wrote. "Patricia Fields has taken this accessory to the extreme, creating corsages that rival Sarah Jessica Parker's sizable mane of hair."

If the success of SJP's ability to influence mainstream fashion simply by what she wore on the set of the Sex and the City's TV show is any indicator, the over-sized flower trend might be in full bloom by the time spring rolls around.