From Adorable Animal Ads to Radically Romantic Billboards

By: Malika Renee Butss - Published:
There are various marketing tactics used by major companies to promote their products. Usually, companies like to go big and flashy for their business forgetting that sometimes less can be a lot more.

Subtle forms of marketing leave all the bold flash and in-your-face advertising in the backseat while it shines with low key presentation that is just as effective. Not-so-flashy ads like the CarMax commercial --featuring personified puppies-- hooked buyers with its clever appeal and undeniable cuteness. Not all buyers can be bought with per-meditated publicity stunts, and prefer slower paced marketing tactics that just work just as well.

The "wow factor" isn't always what gives a business a booming head start, and these reserved forms of advertising prove that they can still have impressive results.