A Virtual Reality Festival in Japan Simulated a Series of Sensual Experiences

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: designboom & dailymail
A very adult-themed virtual reality festival in Tokyo, Japan had to be shut down due to a surplus of people overcrowding the event. Given the scandalous nature and the growing popularity of augmented reality devices, the virtual reality festival did not have enough space to accommodate the massive amount of people that showed up to experience the simulations for themselves.

The majority of the products seemed to be centered around heterosexual male pleasure, with the virtual reality festival including things like a female robot dressed in a short skirt and another that simulated the feeling of human breast.

The event will launch again in the near future in a space that will be able to allow more people to participate in the augmented realities. As the popularity of the event and the rising Google searches for adult VR gadgets make clear, the future for robotic sexual experiences is very bright.

Photo Credits: dailymail, designboom