'Bliss and Chips' is an All-Vegan Fish and Chips Eatery

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: goodfood.au
The dishes served at Bliss Chips look exactly like what's served at any classic fish and chips eatery, but there's one major difference—underneath all that batter, there's a vegan fish alternative. Bliss Chips in Sydney serves 'Bliss Fish,' 'Fishless Filets' and a range of other cruelty-free seafood replicas made from soy-based proteins and konjac, a vegan substitute for gelatin. In addition to appealing to vegan and vegetarian crowds, the majority of the dishes at this fish and chippery are also gluten-free.

In the same way that the batter makes the mock fish look like the real thing, Bliss Chips includes no visible vegan or vegetarian signage. Nonetheless, its arrival in Sydney is well-known to those who are passionate about eating at restaurant with plant-based and cruelty-free options.

While deep-fried food is not the most healthy vegan meal to eat, Bliss Chips proves that there are plenty of alternatives to eating real seafood.