The Gibbs Technology Amphibious Taxi Boat Transforms for Land and Sea

 - May 26, 2016
References: gibbssports & damngeeky
Gibbs Technology is a company that's all about amphibious vehicles, so the latest taxi boat vehicle comes as a logical next step for the innovative brand.

Called the Humdinga and one of several other models from Gibbs Technology, the amphibious taxi vehicle is capable of traveling up to 150km/h on land and 50km/h on water.

The amphicab, as it is lovely nicknamed, took a test drive on the Thames River and can transform from one mode to another in just five-seconds.

The spacial area of dry land available in the world is quickly becoming more rare with many wealthy individuals and companies looking to the sea to develop buildings and amenities. The taxi boat vehicle identifies what could be done to help service off-shore amenities and provide more flexible transportation solutions.