From Multi-Fuel City Cars to Turbine-Powered Trucks

 - Jul 1, 2016
These June 2016 auto concepts range from unconventional electric cars to futuristic commuter vehicles. While electric cars have are growing more popular by the minute -- both for their long-term efficiency and eco-friendly design -- concepts like the Rimono Prototype go one step further with a recycled fabric exterior that is not only an affordable solution but also a sustainable and weather-proof one.

Other notable examples relate to urban commuting and include propelled and elevated bus alternatives along with luxurious mobile homes that take inhabitants from one destination to the next. For example, designer Yuhan Zhang's 2050 'Volvo Concept Homes' project images future abodes as luxe residences that also double as forms of convenient transit. This particular concept is designed with convenience in mind but does not sacrifice space and aesthetics like other similar mobile home innovations.