The Opel Astra Envisions What the Company Would Createin 2030

 - May 25, 2016
References: yankodesign
2030 may seem like it is a ways away, but in reality a decade can go by in a blink of an eye and before you know it the Opel Astra is a reality. Currently, however, the design is a concept. It's what the German automaker may envision for the somewhat near future. Sleek, futuristic and yet still grounded, the Opel Astra is a striking design fit for sci-fi flicks.

Conceived by Quentin Huber, the Opel Astra has a sporty aesthetic, but it's also meant to be a family sedan. Of course, it does also have a hatchback appeal. The Opel Astra is finished with an ultra-panoramic rooftop, laser lights, a robust monocoque frame and red accents that will greatly appeal to the more masculine consumer.