From Carbon Fiber Super Cars to Aviation-Inspired Cars

 - Jul 20, 2016
Luxury carbon fiber cars are becoming more popular for the brands that regularly debut ultra-luxurious supercars. The use of carbon fiber in building a car is generally to make it lighter, but carbon fiber has also been used to accent cars.

With Lamborghini perfecting a new way to mold carbon fiber more efficiently, it is possible that more cars will be using the material in the future since it is much lighter than steel or unreinforced plastic. Cars such as the Design-1 Hypercar and the Spyker Preliator use carbon fiber in the paneling and body of the car. Other cars like the KTM Black Edition X-Bow are entirely covered in black carbon fiber. Carbon fiber's ability to now be treated like other manufacturing metals could see it come to the forefront in the development of future luxury sports cars.