The 'SymbiotUX' is Designed to Interact with Other Vehicles

 - May 24, 2016
References: peterbilt & laautoshow
Peterbilt Motors is currently working on a concept truck called 'SymbiotUX' that may change the way vehicles interact with one another. As the transportation industry continues to change, there is a growing emphasis on creating a symbiotic relationship between vehicles on the road. SymbiotUX is designed to facilitate "these symbiotic vehicular relationships" through the use of future technology.

Unlike an ordinary truck, SymbiotUX will lead groups of vehicles carrying both passengers and cargo. The linking of these different vehicles will be possible based on advanced sensing, computing and communication technology that allows the vehicles to interact with one another. The idea behind the concept is to improve the efficiency of transport, as well as the safety and wellness of those on board. This new form of transportation will not only change the way humans interact with vehicles, but it will also elevate the status of the truck driver to make he or she the foundation of future transportation.

Slatted as a current entry for the LA Auto Show, the concept truck by Peterbilt Motors demonstrates one of the unique ways that future technology could change how humans and vehicles interact.