This Artist Creates Starbucks Cup Art with Dazzling Mosaic Patterns

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: instagram & boredpanda
A 19-year-old artist from Ohio is creating mesmerizing Starbucks cup art using the brand’s plain to-go cups. Each artwork is intricate, detailed and highly colorful.

Artist 'Ceerah' creates these unique pieces of art using a colorful array of Sharpie markers. Each cup emphasizes the mermaid logo, while expanding the imagery to show more people and a uniquely pattered background. These images bring a new life to the Starbucks logo, while expanding upon the simple paper cup canvas with mosaic designs and paisley detailing. Each cup has a different theme, which is easily distinguishable through the artist’s intentional and highly sophisticated choice of coloring. While the cups each bring a distinctive colorized theme, the collection as a whole carries a cohesive tone.

Ceerah displays her Starbucks cup art online through her social media account on Instagram.