A New Snapchat Audio Lens is Paving the Way for New Lenses

 - May 31, 2018
References: engadget & cnet
Snapchat lenses have quickly become a staple feature of the social media app, but the app has decided to try something new and has launched its first Snapchat audio lens. Prior to this, the lenses offered by Snapchat functioned purely through the use of a smartphone camera and utilized facial tracking and AR overlays. The new Snapchat audio lens will not fully ditch the camera but will bolster the effect of the lens with what the phone picks up through auditory means.

The lens itself features a cute animal mask that overlays onto the user's face. The audio aspect comes in as the ears on the mask pulse and glow based on the sounds it hears. The Snapchat audio lens will react differently depending on the level of volume it picks up from the phone's microphone and will be more lively in louder environments.

Image Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images