These Roos van de Kieft Images Show a Model in Fabric of Herself

 - Feb 13, 2018
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Roos van de Kieft recently unveiled a new art series, called 'When Fashion is Losing Its Sense of Self .'

In the portraits that comprise the series, van de Kieft focuses on a single female model, who is shown holding up fabric that includes imagery of herself on it. The portraits show the model in an array of different poses, with much of her skin exposed to highlight the sense of openness that the project promotes.

With the project, van de Kieft aims to question the connection between clothing and self-identity, and how the styles that we wear reflect our personalities and the image we put forth. In a time where social media is integrated into the lives of most, these questions become more prominent, as people tend to look at themselves through a more distant lens.

Image Credit: Roos van de Kieft