Sodimac's Ad Roadside Promotes a Garage for Tired Drivers to Sleep for Free

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: eventmagazine
The Panamericana Sur Highway is a long stretch of road between Lima to Chile that offers few rest stops for drivers. In Peru, fatigue accounts for one in three accidents on the road. In response to this, Sodimac created a unique billboard advertisement that appeals specifically to tired drivers.

If there's one thing that is prevalent on this road, it's advertisements. But rather than trying to promote a product or a service, Sodimac simply offered tired drivers a place to rest their heads with its roadside Homecenter.

At this rest stop, drivers were able to pull into a bedroom-inspired stop and get some shut-eye. While drivers are often reluctant to pull over and sleep due to safety, this station featured 24/7 security, plus complimentary Wi-Fi and sleep masks.