These Papaya King May 2011 Ads Have a Cheeky Sense of Humor

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: papayaking & adsoftheworld
What might someone do upon driving past a hilarious billboard ad like these Papaya King May 2011 ads? Well, many people might stop, laugh and then go get a burger -- at least that's what Papaya King is hoping.

By creating cheeky billboard ads with text such as "lunch for less than the price of one edible panty across the street," or "hot dogs plumper than a Real Housewive's lips" -- these ads really do capture pedestrian's attention. These four billboards created by advertising agency Mistress, USA totally live up to the iconic nature of Papaya King's New York City heritage.

These Papaya King May 2011 ads are attempting to reference characteristics of Los Angeles -- like "The Real Housewives" -- in order to ensure their hot dog chain makes a successful transition from NYC to LA.