GoodSignCompany Packaged Snacks Embrace Regional Imagery

The GoodSignCompany packaged snacks branding focuses on the imagery of the location where the snacks originate. Including peanuts, pistachios and almonds, the GoodSignCompany snack packs each feature the face of a smiling man along with the products and ingredients used to create the snacks.

With the various nut snacks within the GoodSignCompany lineup coming from India, the packaging highlights the cultural imagery of the country. Each of the GoodSignCompany packaged snacks is flavored using natural ingredients and features color coding in order to create a vibrant visual identity on the store shelf. The resealable packs help to accommodate the consumer lifestyle shift that favors eating on-the-go whenever possible as opposed to set times.

The branding for the GoodSignCompany nut snacks is the work of the Clёver Branding creative agency.