Nick Turpin's 'Cineportraits' Blurs Backgrounds and Appears Cinematic

 - Aug 20, 2011
References: nickturpin & mymodernmet
Previews and credits are just a normal part about going to the movie, and while many people like to skip through them, photographer Nick Turpin's 'Cineportraits' latest does the exact opposite.

As opposed to ignoring these feature parts of films, Nick Turpin's Cineportraits embraces the token blurred backgrounds and minimal text that cinema credits are known for. While based in London, Nick Turpin uses a special cinematic lens in Cineportraits, which allows his subjects to be in complete focus while the background is a vague mystery. Whether you skip through the opening credits, or are a full-blown film junkie, Nick Turpin's Cineportraits is a clever photography project that is easy to adore.

Implications - Film and movie goers continue to patronize their favorite establishments even during tough economic times, and with such, companies should continue to embrace the world of film. From film references to the use of cinematic style, companies can lucratively benefit from appealing to movie-hungry consumers.